Tea & Coffee Cozy Quilts

Beautiful little Cozy Quilts to keep your tea or coffee toasty warm or icy cold

Each Cozy Quilt Is
Happily Handmade By Jani.

The outer fabric is 100% cotton batik,
inside are 2 layers of 100% wool batting,
quilted to 100% cotton muslin.
Machine washable.
Click on image to see enlarged view.
Being handmade, not one is perfect.
No two are exactly alike.
Keeps your beverage steaming hot or icy cold for about an hour.
The images show that each size has a slightly different shape to accommodate its intended vessel.

Black/Red Spiral Hand
Black/Red Spiral Hand
Small Cozy
green zen french press cozy
Green Zen Medallion
French Press Cozy
Black/Red Spiral Hand
Pink/Purple Spiral
French Press Cozy