Tea & Coffee Cozy Quilts

Beautiful little Cozy Quilts to keep your tea or coffee toasty warm or icy cold
by Jani

The French Press- fits a french press or a tall mug/cup -up to 9" tall and 14" around- not including the handle- and has a velcro closure making a tight fit bewteen the handle and glass container.
The Small- up to a 16 oz. teapot or a large mug -up to 6.5" tall and 16.5" around.
The Large- up to a 32 oz. teapot and a large french press -up to 10" tall and 20" around.
The EXLarge- an oversize teapot-up to 10.5" tall and 27" around.

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If you do not see the color, fabric or size that you need please let me know.
Do you have your own fabric and/or would like a Cozy Quilt made to order?
Please call me at 503-788-7970 or email me at jani@teacozys.com.

blk red spiral hand
Black/Red Spiral Hand
Zen Medalion
Green Zen Medallion
pink purple spiral
Pink/Purple Spiral
blue indian floral
Blue Indian Floral
green bamboo stick cozy
Green Bamboo Stick
green pink chrys
Pink Chysanthemum on Green
red vine
Red Vine
burgundy leaf
Burgundy Leaf
red hawaiian
Red Hawaiian Floral